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10 Apps That'll Help You Survive An Alien Invasion...

To celebrate Independence Day, we look at the must-have smartphone apps that'll help you avoid the unthinkable...

It’s the 4th of July, American Independence Day! As you may (or may not) know, last week Roland Emmerich’s similarly titled fantasy thriller franchise returned to a big screen near you. Have you seen it yet? Well, all the usual marketing hullabaloo that surrounded the film got us a-thinkin’ about the one thing that we know best… smartphone apps!

So, which smartphone apps could help you make it through a potential alien invasion and live to tell the tale? What top-tech should Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth have been packing in this latest adventure? Checkout our top 10 list below to find out...

1. onoff App

Surprise surprise! But wait, hear us out...In the event of a really ‘close encounter’, it’s pretty likely that we’d be living in the dark...literally. There probably wouldn’t be a massive amount of power to go around. So charging your phone might be a problem, right?

For that very reason...in like an arrow at number one is, of course, onoff App. No, no, no, we’re not just saying it, it really would be the first thing we’d grab when the little green men come a’knockin. Why? Well, many reasons, but chiefly the fact that the app allows you to pick up ANY smart device and instantly log into your onoff Account, full with your contacts, call logs, messages...everything! Everything is stored up in the alien-free cloud you see. In a world without power you’re going to need that kind of connectivity...

Price: Free
              OS: iOS & Android
                  Requires version: iOS 7.0 , Android 4.0
                  Developer: onoff App OÜ

2. Radioactivity Counter

Now, this is an entirely different problem, but if we’re anything like President Whitmore (the one from the first movie...nope we didn’t know that was his name either!) — humanity’s immediate response to hostility from the stars will be to ‘go nuclear’. Not so good. Now you not only have to survive against the invaders, but also master survival in the now radioactive wasteland...

Fortunately for survival-mode you, this app has been proven to be a scientifically accurate geiger counter. Yup, Radioactivity Counter actually works! So, if the bombs do drop, instead of heading to your friendly neighbourhood high-tech science stockist, just download this beauty and keep a weather-eye on those rads! Not bad for under 4 euros!

Price: 3.49 €
OS: Android
Requires version: Android 3.0
Developer: Rolf-Dieter Klein

3. Google Maps

Well...you need to know where you’re going, right?!

TOP TIP — steer clear of the major landmarks, they’re always the first to be turned to rubble!

Price: Free
OS: iOS & Android
Requires version: iOS 7.0, Android varies
Developer: Google Inc.

4. eBay

Look, let’s be honest, if you’re going give this survival lark a good go, you’re probably going to have to live without luxuries for a little while. BUT, there are a few essentials that you won’t be able to do without...We’re thinking camouflage, a tin foil hat, a load of crucifixes...wait, aren't they for vampires? Anyway, you need ‘stuff’... And what’s the best one-stop-shop for all things random in the world? eBay, of course!

Remember, one man’s junk is another independence day survivalist’s treasure! ...love that saying.

Price: Free
OS: iOS & Android
Requires version: iOS 8.0, Android varies
Developer: eBay Mobile

5. Voice Assistant

Picture this...you’re legging it through deserted building after deserted building, ducking in and out of side streets and clambering up drainpipes like a giddy Spider-Man...all the while dodging laser beams, explosions and shrapnel. Phew… Who’s got time to do all of that AND tap-out a text to their mum to say what time they’ll be over for tea?! It’s just not practical.

Enter this, your 5th must-have awesome app, Voice Assistant, which allows you to, as their refreshingly accurate tagline states: “Just use your voice instead of typing”. No more tapping or clicking needed. Run wild and free and still be home in time for tea...

Price: 2.99 €
Requires version: iOS 5.0
                  Developer: Quanticapps Ltd.

6. Jamie Oliver's Recipes

Based on the lengthy research we’ve undertaken in planning for this article (it’s a hard life!), we’ve decided that the aim of the game is to keep moving. You’re going to need to eat quick and move on. No one does that better than Jamie, whose app ought to be enough to inspire you to rustle up something tasty. Try not to go too overboard though, you don’t want any uninvited dinner guests turning up!

Price: iOS - Free, Android - 6.99 €
OS: iOS & Android
Requires version: iOS 7.1, Android 2.0
Developer: Zolmo

7. AccuWeather

Yup, weather is still going to be super-important after the invasion. Let’s face it, who wants to have a scrap with an inter-dimensional species in the rain. No way, jose! Accuweather has never failed us before, so it won’t let you down...

Price: Free
OS: iOS & Android
Requires version: iOS 9.0, Android varies
Developer: AccuWeather International, Inc.

8. First Aid by the British Red Cross

Laser burns, intergalactic goo poisoning and ear-ache from all the sirens and alarms...yep, all symptoms of an alien invasion, my friend. You’re going to need a pocket-sized first aid-friend to sort you out. First Aid by the British Red Cross has a pretty handy one for keeping you going through thick and thin, from bandages to burns, BRC have you covered.

Price: Free
OS: iOS & Android
Requires version: iOS 8.0, Android 4.0.3

9. Wunderlist

If ever there was a time to get your life in order, it’s now. You need to be on it, at the top of your game...no messin’. In an ideal world we’d advise on you taking ring binders, hole punchers, a full stationery set, post-its and a filo-fax (remember those?!). But in the interests of brevity, and not over-filling your bug-out-bag (you’re going to need to squeeze a lot of baked beans in there), perhaps it’s best that you get a simple smartphone app instead…

Described by many as "the app to end all lists”, Wunderlist is probably a good place to start getting yourself organised. It has tons of cool features,  combined with an easy to use UI, making this app a real must have!

Price: Free
OS: iOS & Android
Requires version: iOS 8.0, Android varies 
                     Developer: 6 Wunderkinder GmbH

10 .Knot-Guide

Okay, this final entry is definitely knot here to use the word knot in a less-than-slightly humorous fashion. Knot at all. Knot in a million years...Having said that, knots aren’t knot important. That is to say, they are very important! A good knot can get you out of a sticky situation, as many a survival-expert will tell you. It’s essential that you know your ‘slips’ from your ‘reefs’. As Bear Grylls definitely never said, “He who masters the sheepshank, can do anything...”.

If you need to brush up on your knots, you need knot look any further (sorry).

Price: Free
OS: iOS & Android
Requires version: iOS 7.0, Android 1.6
Developer: SusaSoftX


So there you have it! A little blob of practical advice from all of us at onoff App — hopefully you won’t ever actually have to act on it, but just in case!

...Also, just in case there doesn't happen to be an alien catastrophe around the corner, these apps are all awesome and worth a try, so why not have a look anyway, you might be surprised!

Live long and prosper... 

Alexander @ onoff 

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