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10 Useful Blogs To Follow for Digital Nomads

It’s pretty clear that your job is awesome when you are constantly inspired by your own clients. This is definitely the case here at onoff HQ: we love seeing how people use our product to make their communication easier. It’s great to hear what a huge impact it has on those who decided to build their careers and businesses while being location independent. Digital nomads are the modern game-changers, and it feels great to be a part of their story.

But, like anything that is worth doing, this lifestyle comes with its own challenges. Luckily, there are many resources online that can help solve them. Here we listed some blogs that our international team finds very useful. Some of these are blogs of other location-independent folks that post interesting stories and share tips on how to build a career while traveling. Others are managed by the companies that just like us help digital nomads achieve their goals by using technology. We love what they do and we think you will too.

  1. Upwork Blog

    If you are a freelancer, Upwork is probably the first website you open in the morning. But did you know they also have an awesome blog? There are some great articles about location-independent work to read almost every day: tips on productivity, finding first projects, and professional development for freelancers from different fields. They also often post about their team members that share the company’s passion for freelance.
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  2. Nomadic Matt

    Nomadic Matt is quite a celebrity in the digital nomad community. New York Times best-selling author of “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day” and a travel blogger, he’s been on the road since he quit his job in 2006. And you can read all about this journey on his blog.
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  3. The Sweetest Way

    Leah’s blog is really the sweetest thing ever. She describes herself as “location independent lifestyle advocate” and shares her passion for living and working on one’s own terms. In her articles, she speaks a lot about what being a digital nomad and location independent is really like as well as her travel experiences.
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  4. Work Hard Anywhere
    If you tried to find a comfortable place with a good internet connection while on the road, you know the struggle. Work Hard Anywhere created an app that lets digital nomads look for great cozy spots in a foreign city. They share their users’ stories, useful information for traveling and working, and pictures of awesome places to work at. Make sure to also check out their Instagram—it’s pure eye candy!
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  5. Legal Nomads

    If you travel in the search of good food, you have to read Jodi Ettenberg’s blog. Funny and original, she chose to tell her travel stories through food. No matter where you are heading next, we’re sure Jodi has a recommendation on what to eat there.
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  6. Women Digital Nomads

    It’s an inspiring community that supports female digital nomads around the world. Created in the style of Lonely Planet, they share interesting stories and useful tips on how to deal with challenges of being an independent female traveler.
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  7. Too Many Adapters

    Of course, we love tech-savvy travel blogs. And this one is just great for finding all the latest news in the tech industry. There are new reviews of travel apps and gadgets almost every day.
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  8. Location Rebel

    Previously known as Location 180, this is one of the oldest and most popular location-independent blogs out there. Always quality content and interesting stories to read.
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  9. Teleport Blog

    Teleport builds software for people on the move that helps them manage their relocation. It allows to explore the best cities for your next move based on personal preferences, facilitate your relocation, and manage a remote team. It also has a very visually appealing and informative content that is worth checking out is you are planning your next relocation.
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  10. LeapIN Blog

    LeapIN is a young company founded by 4 passionate freelancers who believe that being a global entrepreneur needs to be simpler. So they decided to offer easier solutions for registering a business, doing taxes and accounting. They also run a blog telling about their product and other useful things for digital nomads. We love them for two reasons: they promote Estonian e-Residency (Estonia is where onoff HQ is, in case you didn’t know) and share our passion for making small global business easier.
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Do you follow any digital nomad blogs that you love? Let us know in the comments, we would also love to check them out.

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