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5 Rookie Mistakes When Using onoff App

When using a product every day, it’s easy to forget those things that were difficult to figure out in the beginning. This is especially true if you are developing said product. Thankfully, our customer support team always keeps us up to date with our users’ needs and requests so that we don’t forget what it felt like when we first opened onoff App.

To help out those users that are just getting started with onoff, we asked our Customer Support Manager about the most common mistakes users make. So if you are also new to this cool thing called onoff App, we hope you find this list helpful.
  1. I didn't know my operator will charge me for onoff calls!

    All calls (both outgoing and incoming!) are deducted from your monthly allowance provided by your network operator.

    Let’s imagine you are using a phone with a French sim card and a Belgian onoff Number. As long as you are in France, all your calls to Belgian numbers through onoff are considered to be domestic and are charged accordingly. If you go abroad while still using a French sim card, roaming charges apply. The best way to handle this is to have unlimited monthly allowance with a good roaming plan so that you can add as many onoff Numbers as you need without worrying about charges.

  2. I forgot my password!

  3. There are two different onoff passwords and you should remember to keep them safe.

    First of all, it’s your general onoff password that you need to login to the app. Please, use a real email address (and make sure you spell it correctly) when creating your onoff Account. If lost or forgotten, your password can be easily recovered with just one email. However, if the email address you had provided upon registration does not exist, it is impossible to get a new password.

    Secondly, it's your Stealth Mode password. This one is different from your general password as well as for each onoff Number that you have. And it's more difficult to recover! If it is lost, only our customer support team can help you with that. So try to choose it carefully and not to forget it!

  4. "I cannot use an onoff Number to register on Facebook or Uber!

    In most cases, third-party services such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Uber will accept onoff Numbers. However, in some rare cases (and for some unknown reasons) they won’t. In short, it’s impossible to guarantee that your onoff Number will be accepted by any third-party service. What we can guarantee is an outstanding quality of calls and services inside our own app. 

  5. Will my number be given to someone else?

    The whole concept of having a “temporary reusable number” is that it can be reused by someone else later. There is only a limited quantity of numbers available in the world. So in order for you to have a temporary number without going through a whole lot of trouble, you gotta be prepared that after you’re done with it, this number goes to quarantine and can later be reused by someone else.

    This is standard practice in the telecommunications industry. 

  6. Why do I need to update the app?

    We get it, updating your apps can be quite annoying. Some of them have new updates every week, for goodness sake! We try to keep it reasonable and only ask our users to install updates when it is absolutely necessary. But as technology is evolving fast, there are things that we need to keep up to date on our side. Only by asking our users to update the app from time to time can we guarantee the best service. 

There’s a lot more tips on getting started with onoff App in our FAQ section. So be sure to check them out!

Are there any other things that you wish you knew when starting your onoff journey? Let us know! We are working hard on improving onoff for our users and would love to hear from you.

Marta @ onoff

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