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5 Useful Things You Can Do With An onoff Number

Here’s just a few things that these friendly little digits can do...

The beauty of the onoff App is that you’re free to choose what you do with your onoff Numbers. But, if you're looking for some pointers, you've come to the right place…

1. Create a Cheap Dedicated Business Line

Are you a traditional 9-5er? Just starting your freelance business? Doing a little part-time work? Whatever you do, juggling all of your different responsibilities on a single phone number is mayhem, right? You could get a dedicated work phone, but who wants to fork out for one of those? That's not to mention having to carry it, charge it and pay an obscene amount each month for using it... Not me. There’s a better way! Just get an onoff Number on your personal phone (for a really cheap monthly subscription) and use that for your work or business calls — freeing up your personal line for personal things. Easy peasy.

2. Protect Your Privacy When Dating

Giving out your number to the guy or gal at the bar might seem like a perfectly good idea on Friday night... that’s until they go all crazy on you and message you 1000 times on Saturday! What did you expect? You’ve given crazy your direct line! There’s a better way! Set up a dedicated dating number with onoff and get to know the person properly before you let them into your life completely. If all goes well, awesome. If not...delete!! With onoff, you can protect your personal number and ensure that it stays personal.

3. Carve Out A Little Quiet Time

Use the mind-blowingly-awesome ON/OFF features that come with your onoff Number to your advantage. Switch On/Off calls, messages or voicemail at will. You can even turn the entire number off if you like! Finally you have the freedom to decide when you’re available to chat and when you’re ‘switched off’. onoff App is a little island of calm in an ocean of noise!

4. Protect Your Privacy Online

Ever tried to sell your stuff on eBay? Then you may know what it’s like to be inundated with a raft of calls after someone bought your item from you — "it doesn't work!"; "How do I do this?", etc. Just because you sold it to them doesn’t mean you have to be best mates. There’s a better way! A customisable number to list on your public profiles is essential if you’re engaging in e-commerce. Also, getting an additional number on your phone to enter into web forms can be invaluable when it comes to avoiding those pesky marketing/cold callers.

5. Send SMS to the Future

Yes, you did read that right! onoff Numbers are so supremely powerful that they can even send messages into the fourth dimension (time)! Without ‘going all Einstein on you’, you can set the date and time that your SMS will arrive on your recipient’s phone. Pretty nifty if you’re the kind of person who sometimes forgets important people’s birthdays — which is basically all of us!

There are sooooo many awesome benefits to using onoff App that I struggled to nail this list down to just five... If you haven’t already tried it, head over to Google Play or the App Store now and give it a whirl! You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain… it’s a no brainer really.

If you have any questions, issues, or happy tales to tell — please don’t hesitate to let me know direct.

'till next time!

Alexander @ onoff 

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