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Apple iPhone 7 Event — Our Thoughts...

Here’s our two-cents about the recent Apple iPhone 7 event...for what they're worth.

The other night we were all sat here in onoff HQ, warm milk in hand, watching the latest Apple conference. It’s always a red-letter date in our calendar and we always get way too excited! These conferences have a pretty standard structure these days... Apple sets out its next generation of iPhones, wows the world and the other tech giants initially panic and then play catch up for the next 12 months. Well, that’s how it used to be. Not so much anymore...

What we witnessed on Wednesday night was really nothing new. Tim Cook completed his usual 5K marathon, strolling around on the spotlit Cupertino stage, gleefully announcing to the world that Apple had built the “best iPhone yet” (which he says every year...of course it’s the best, it’s the latest!). But, despite some notable advances this year, what Apple calls its best iPhone yet is a long way from being the best phone yet....

What It’s Got

With a somewhat overly dramatic countdown of features, Apple Exec. Phil Schiller told us that the iPhone 7 would have:

  • A new design...sort of — it’s based heavily on the iPhone 6/Plus.

  • A new home button — which is now force sensitive (Jedi?)

  • A new 12MP camera — which is actually pretty cool, especially on the Plus model

  • Dust/water resistance...finally!

  • No headphone jack — yeah, you read that right...

  • AirPods — Wireless earphones, but all Apple-ified

The other major plus is that Apple has finally broken its 16GB memory duck, with the base-models iPhone 7 & Plus starting at 32GB — finally a reasonable starting point. Although pricing is still an issue, with the larger iPhone 7 Plus starting at £719...Ouch!

iPhone 7£599£699£799
iPhone 7 Plus£719£819£919

So, Did Anything Major Actually Happen?

Apple certainly has pedigree to make such bold claims about the future direction of the industry but, other than the AirPods, did anything major actually happen here? This year Apple broke its fabled annual ‘revolution-evolution cycle’ for the first time, which is perhaps a sign of things to come. 

What did you make of the conference? Are you happy? Confused? Disappointed? Let us know...

Still Only One Phone Number

What’s clear is that for all the tinkering and polishing that phone manufacturers get up to, they’re still incapable of breaking the one great limitation of all phones and bringing about the next truly great innovation in telecom — like the ability to offer you multiple phone numbers on a single phone.

Just think about that for a second… you’d have:

  • As many phone numbers as you need, on one device;

  • Numbers dedicated to each of your many competing identities — a work number, a dating number, an online shopping number…

  • An extra privacy layer, so you wouldn’t have to give out your personal number to strangers, colleagues, clients or bosses.

Newsflash!  onoff App can do exactly that...even better, you don’t have to go and fork out for a brand new phone to make it happen, unless you want to that is. You can add and customize as many phone numbers to your existing handset as you need, and can even switch ON/OFF their functions (Calls, Messages, Voicemail) whenever you need to…

The Future is Now

onoff is live and kicking right now — this instant! It’s available as a free download from the App Store or Google Play. All you need is a smartphone, 20 seconds of your time and an open mind. even works with the iPhone 7.

Revolution awaits...

Alexander @ onoff 

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