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10 Useful Apps for Expats in Europe

Have you recently relocated to a new country?

Moving to a different country implies facing lots of new challenges: finding housing and your way around, communicating with your family, making new friends. This is not an easy feat, but it is exciting and rewarding nevertheless. Team onoff has some first-hand experience with this since many of us had to relocate for our dream job.

Fortunately, new technology makes a lot of these things easier. What would require days of research and running around just a few years ago is now easily solved in a few minutes. Our team made a list of the apps that had helped them when they first relocated. We hope they will be useful for you as well.

  1. Momondo. Available for iOS and Android.

    As an expat, you have to travel a lot. To see family on Christmas, to catch up with friends during summer vacation. And, hopefully, to do so on a budget. Having a good travel search engine on your phone will allow you to pick the best deals instantly. 

  2. Airbnb. Available for iOS and Android.

    This might be the most stressful thing when moving abroad. It’s difficult to find a suitable accommodation for a decent price. Avoid staying in expensive hotels while looking for your permanent home and simply use Airbnb. This will save you a lot of money and also help you meet locals. 

  3. WiFi Finder. Available for Android.

    This app is great for when you want to find the nearest WiFi spot in a new city. It helps a lot during the first few weeks after relocation when you don’t have a local mobile internet connection yet but want to communicate with your family while moving around. 

  4. Like A Local Offline CityGuide. Available for iOS and Android.

    Once the accommodation is sorted, the next thing to do is to find new favorite places to eat, drink, etc. Preferably, not only the touristic and expensive places in the city center. Like a local helps newly arrived expatriates browse places locals recommends in their city. There are many places available in Europe such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Helsinki, London, Budapest, and more. 

  5. Foursquare. Available for iOS and Android.

    Foursquare can also help you out a lot when looking for new places. Both locals and tourist leave their tips and rankings here. Users updated information very often, so it’s easier to find up-to-date information about opening hours and recently opened places.

  6. Duolingo. Available for iOS and Android.

    No matter where your new home is and for how long you are planning to stay, learning a local language will make your stay easier and a lot more meaningful. Duolingo has a lot of languages to choose from and you can do it while commuting to work in the morning. It’s possible to set goals of how much time per day you want to spend learning a language. Even a minimal effort together will pay off very soon.

  7. Google Translate. Available for iOS and Android.

    Yeah, we see you rolling your eyes at this one. This is definitely not the most accurate translation tool available out there. But hear us out! There is one feature in this app that is invaluable for recent expats who don’t speak the language yet: instant text translation via camera. You just need to take a picture of that confusing thing you don’t understand and the translation will appear on your screen. No more misunderstandings in supermarkets or restaurants!

  8. TransferWise. Available for iOS and Android.

    Whether you are sending some money to your family back home or they are helping you out, it’s pretty obvious that traditional banking is not the best way to go. High fees and ridiculous exchange rates were long ago beaten by FinTech. TransferWise is one of the pioneers in this sphere and seems to be the most popular among expats in Europe. It’s possible to transfer money to any country in the world in just a few clicks. No more standing in line and paying 10% fee it is!

  9. Uber. Available for iOS and Android.

    Before you find your way with public transportation or get your own car, you’ll probably be using Uber a lot. It comes handy anywhere, but you start to appreciate it especially in a new unfamiliar city. So don’t feel bad about it and just Uber to work the first week you’re in town.

  10. onoff App. Available for iOS and Android.

    Finally, right? You have probably thought about onoff while reading this already. Having a separate number of your home country that you can use to communicate with your family and friends back home is what we can help you with. It’s cheaper than international calls and more reliable than using online communication apps. We’ll also be announcing a lot of new countries in Europe pretty soon, so stay tuned!
Are there any apps that you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments below or on social media. We would love to hear from you!

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