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Best Apps To Manage Multiple Accounts On A Single Device

These days people have more devices and online accounts than they can keep track of, so we want to give you a few short life hacks to help make your multi-account, multi-faceted life a little bit more streamlined and organised

1. Multiple social accounts, as well as multiple numbers with Parallel space.

Parallel Space is possibly the perfect sidekick for your onoff Number. Right now, it’s only available for Android, but this dinky little app allows you to easily run multiple instances of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or any other app you can imagine simultaneously — meaning that users with both personal and business Facebook accounts can run both at the same time and are no longer forced to log in and out of various accounts on the same device. This also means that you’ll no longer miss out on messages or notifications because only one account could be active at a time.

With Parallel Space managing your dual-app environment and onoff giving you multiple numbers to register and secure each, your multiple account — one device lifestyle just got a heck of a lot more streamlined! While there are other apps out there that provide similar features, many require you to root your phone — after trying a few of these out I found Parallel Space to provide the best out of the box, multi account experience. Another benefit is that on its own it takes up very little memory and resources on your phone, but expect this to grow depending on how many apps you decide to clone.

To try the app, download it from Google play here

While onoff can’t officially offer support for services such as WhatsApp — since they sometimes ban numbers (unfortunately something outside of our control) — 99% of the time there is no issue and if you do run into problems, this number ban can usually be reversed by getting in touch with their support.

2. Keep your online accounts secure with two factor authentication tied to your onoff number.  

Of course we have to give ourselves a sneaky mention but if you have a second or third Gmail or Instagram account you may be familiar with that message asking you to setup phone verification to make it more problemo...until you remember that you already used your phone number to verify your primary account. Shucks, I guess you’re all out of luck then!

With data breaches and account hijackings becoming all too common, phone number verification is seen as being more secure and much more commonplace, to the point that we all know the routine of downloading your favorite app and waiting for that verification SMS message to come through. But here’s the catch... since most of us limit ourselves to one phone number, we run into problems when we want to setup two factor authentication, or phone verification for a second or third account.

Thankfully, one of our users reached out after finding her Instagram account was hacked and she let us know that she’s now using an onoff Number to link a second mobile number to her other Instagram account.

3. Remember all those passwords with a password manager

Lastly (because we all forget our passwords sometimes) and because this post has focused on managing multiple accounts effectively, I recommend anyone who uses several passwords to record them somewhere secure. Thankfully, there are several password manager applications that make this kind of thing a breeze.

For ease of use, Dashlane, with their intuitive UI and inclusion of enough free features to satisfy anyone but the most hardened power users, is an app that I trust to handle my passwords across multiple devices and platforms on a daily basis.

Not only is the app flawless at saving and securing your passwords, it also effectively becomes your digital wallet in the process, as your passwords are only a master-password-entry away, you’re less likely to fall into that age-old trap of using the same password across several sites — calamity leads that way, of course.

Put simply, as a person who handles dozens of accounts on a daily basis this is the program I go to to ensure that they’re secure, although there should also be an honorable mention for competitors, such as LastPass, which is an excellent alternative.

Dashlane is available via iTunes or google play.

So that's the rundown, but we always love to hear how you use onoff to add more value to your life. Also, if you have any suggestions for apps we can include here don't be afraid to reach out and get in touch with me directly.

Happy Multi-Apping!

Brian @ onoff


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Hamze mohamoud April 20, 2017
Hamze mohamoud April 20, 2017

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