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Feature update, Private Number is now Stealth Mode


So the other day we broke the news that we’d launched an updated version of the onoff App – your favourite multi-phone-number enabling mobile application. It’s our biggest update since launch day – we’ve literally be working on this non-stop since then – so it’s a big deal!

There are a fair few changes in this marvellous little update, so we thought it sensible to give you a little more info on the key ones so you don’t get lost – we hate the thought of you being lost, it gives us goosebumps!

So here we go with the first in a series of feature updates. We’ll start with…

Stealth Mode

This ‘new’ feature is essentially a re-branding of its predecessor, the ‘Private Number’. We decided to update its title because we were worried that some of you might think that using this might allow you to block your caller ID while making a call. Well, suffice to say, that’s not what it does. No, no no. It’s WAY cooler!

Stealth Mode allows you to quickly and easily password protect any (or all) of your onoff Numbers with a simple 4-digit passcode, it then hides the associated onoff Number(s) from your Sidebar and from prying eyes! You can make the onoff Number visible again by shaking your phone and entering the 4-digit code associated with it – simple and effective. Most importantly, however, it guarantees you a higher level of privacy in communication than you’ve ever had before.


We cannot help you if you lose your 4-digit Stealth Mode passcode. To guarantee your security, only you know what this password is. Keep it safe, keep it secret!

Download the onoff App for iOS and Android here on onoffapp.com. Join the revolution and communicate with more freedom and privacy than you’ve ever done before.


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