Inside onoff HQ. Meet Our Newest Team Members! All posts

Inside onoff HQ. Meet Our Newest Team Members!

Ever wonder what team onoff is like?

The last couple of months has been very exciting. We moved to a new spacious office in the center of Tallinn and had many new awesome people joining us. It’s incredible to see onoff growing so fast. As the company grows, so is our team. Now we’re already a group of 50 passionate individuals representing 12 different nationalities. They are working hard every day to make onoff app better. And we think you should meet them! So we are about to reveal all the secrets behind onoff HQ.

Today we start with our newest team members. They have joined us only recently but already became an important part of our everyday life. Let’s meet those superheroes and get to know them better!

Aleksei, 36 years old, Estonia
Position: DevOps

Before joining team onoff, Aleksei studied at Tallinn University of Technology and worked at 3 different IT companies. He has started his career in the position of IT support and advanced to IT administrator and DevOps.

Q: How did you become a part of onoff?

I found out about the possibility to join onoff from the recruiter that I contacted while looking for a new job last year.  It seemed quite interesting, so I got in touch and came for an interview.

Q: How has your experience been so far?

So far it has been nice, but it’s also a lot of new technology for me. It’s taking quite some time to learn all the new things here. Thankfully, the team is very friendly and helps me out.

Emad28 years old, Egypt
Position: Communication manager for the Middle East and North Africa

Emad has completed his undergraduate studies in Egypt and came to Estonia to do his master’s program. Previously, he was managing his own business and held various corporate and academic jobs. Before joining us, Emad worked at

Q: How did you apply to work at onoff?

Originally, I sent my CV for a different role. Then someone from the company contacted me and invited for an interview. In the process, it turned out that onoff was expanding their activities and needed someone to manage the Middle East and North Africa market. Having taken a look at my profile, they thought I would be a great match and offered me a job. So I came on board.

Q: How has it been so far?

I like the attitude of the team and the consistency of the work process. Everybody here is very easy-going and professional. I also enjoy the freedom that the company gives me with my work. At onoff, you have huge space for creativity. The management is always open for any suggestions and new ideas.

Levan, 38 years old, Estonia

Position: software developer

Levan studied at TallinnUniversity of Technology and also spent a lot of time learning on his own. He believes that self-education is crucial for succeeding in the fast-developing IT world and being a dedicated self-learner is more important than attending any college. Before becoming a part of our team, he has also as a software developer in the Estonian software development and consultancy company Girf.  

Q: How did you join the company?

I have been in touch with onoff Telecom since 2015, talking about employment possibilities here. At the time I was not sure and the company I worked for convinced me to stay with them. However, eventually, I’ve decided that onoff was the right place for me and joined the team at the beginning of this year. I wanted to grow professionally and knew that excellent software development practices are constantly promoted here.

Q: How has it been so far?

Well, the first thing you notice is that it’s a completely new technology. I’ve never had any experience with telecommunications and there is a lot of things I have to learn. But so far I like it a lot! Especially our new office. It’s nice to work with very experienced colleagues that can teach you a lot.

Check out the video where Aleksei, Emad and Levan tell us about their experience working with onnoff:

Want to join team onoff as well?
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