iPhone 8 Release This Year: Multiple Numbers with Only One SIM.

The telecom industry has been eagerly anticipating the new iPhone release this year. iPhone 7 has left us a tiny bit confused. But it seems that the iPhone 8 will be the best deal on the market.

It is said that for the Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone is to demonstrate some big changes. The iPhone 7 came to the market not that long ago and has shown quite good sales results so far. But let’s be honest here: the world has anticipated a lot more innovation from this product.  Well, the iPhone 8 release this September is highly anticipated and is already making a lot of buzz among the tech geeks. The rumors added to this discussion, revealing its upcoming innovative new features that include having multiple numbers with only one SIM. Can this be true?

The iPhone 8: What To Expect?

There’s a lot of speculation surrounding the upcoming Nokia 8 release this summer. One of the things that are certain by now is that it’s not going to be a budget phone: the retail price for this model is rumored to start from $1000. For that price, Apple is expected to present something truly revolutionary.

The iPhone 8 is the 10th-anniversary version of Apple's famous iPhone and the release date is expected to be late September or early October 2017. We’re here a bit skeptical of those promises, as Apple is known for moving their release dates often. In any case, it should be no later than the end of this year.

Some of the most appealing features will include a curved AMOLED display (instead of the usual flat LCD panel), a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge screen. It is said to be slightly bigger size than the 4.7-inch iPhone we already know well. It is also rumored to finally go back to a glass body as it was in iPhone 4 instead of aluminum that we’ve seen in the latest models.

Multiple Numbers with Only One SIM.

But one of the most exciting features to come of the new iPhone 8 actually comes from the App world: the chance to have more than one phone number with only one SIM. This can be done with the assistance of the onoff App (already available on any Android or Apple smartphone), that offers the most innovative telecommunications solution on the market. By keeping your original SIM, you can add as many numbers as you need. More than that, those numbers can be from the country of your origin or from a different country. No matter what number you are using, any call you make is charged as a local phone by your telecom operator. Pretty cool, huh? Find out more about the app and the innovative solutions by visiting onoffapp.com or from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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It’s between Apple and Samsung

The two most successful smartphone brands in the fourth quarter of 2016 were Apple and Samsung. Their market share percentage was so close (17,85% and 17,79% respectively) that we are curious to find out who will lead the market this year. Considering the recent success of the new Samsung devices, many people are sure that it will outperform Apple. I guess, it will all depend on what Apple has to offer with this new, highly anticipated model.

Who do you think will become the cellphone market leader in 2017? Let us know in the comments down below. We would love to hear from you!