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Why We Are Excited About Launching onoff Web (and Why You Should Be Too!)

This month our team reached an important milestone in the history of onoff: we are launching the web version of the onoff App! It is only a beta version for now, but our users can already go ahead and try it out. In fact, we would be really happy if you do so and let us know about your experience. There are also more features coming soon to make the web version match our mobile app. This is an exciting step on the way to our goal—a multi-platform solution that will help you reinvent your communication.

World, meet onoff Web!

To find out more, we asked Dmitri, our web developer, to shed some light on why we decided to develop onoff Web, what to expect from it now and in the future. Let’s hear what he has to say!
Why have you decided to create onoff Web?

Our first goal was to separate mobile numbers from a SIM card. We did that. Now we are starting to take this vision to a new level: separating your mobile number from your phone. We believe that this is what the new generation of telecom should look like.

The whole vision of onoff is based on the idea of connecting all communication channels in one place so that our users can seamlessly link their personal and professional contacts while still being in control of when and how to communicate with them. Having a web version was crucial to realizing this idea.

What problems does it solve?

First and foremost, if you’re someone who needs to send SMS often, it’s way more convenient to use a proper keyboard instead of your phone for typing messages. Secondly, onoff users will have full access to their numbers and contacts on any device, whether it’s their smartphone or a desktop computer. It’s simply a matter of flexibility and freedom! We want our users to be able to choose how they use our app themselves. Our mission is to take all of your cellphone features and bring them to the web.

Who would be interested in using onoff Web?

At this point, the web solution will mostly be interesting for those who rely on onoff for SMS messaging and want to have the full access to their contacts directly from their computer or tablet.

What features are available already in the beta version?

Beta version will make it possible to access your onoff account with nearly all the same features you have on your smartphone from your desktop computer, laptop or tablet. It looks very similar to our regular onoff App. Once you log in, you can see your credit balance, phone numbers you have purchased, settings, etc. Just like with our mobile version, you can customize it in any way you like.

It’s possible to send SMS from onoff Web already now in beta version. You can also access onoff Network, text your friends, add and delete contacts.

You can access settings and change language, email or password, connect your social media profiles to your onoff account.

At this point, it will not be possible to make calls through onoff Web. However, you can access your voicemails from onoff Web already now.

What other features will be available soon?

We are currently working on adding the possibility to make calls from the web platform. This is our number one priority.
Additionally, we are hoping that soon our users will be able to buy numbers and credits directly from onoff Web. It is now only available only in English and French, but Arabic version is coming soon.  At the moment, it’s only possible to connect from one device, but soon our users will also be able to simultaneously connect via mobile app and onoff Web.

Why are we excited about this release?

We are thrilled that we are getting closer to our vision of onoff as a multi-platform solution that combines the reliability of a traditional telecom network and the flexibility of an app. With onoff Web, we are one step closer to becoming a universal communication software that anyone can use for connecting all his communication and managing it from only one platform.

So, how can you try it out? The beta version of onoff Web is available already. Log in with your onoff account and discover it already now. Don’t forget to let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you!

Marta @ onoff

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jean philippe November 18, 2017
Bonsoir j'aimerais debloque mon compte svp merci
samuel October 26, 2017
+1 on Antoine's comment. Very annoying not being able to connect with both web and smartphone. As soon as this is possible it's a great solution. Without this, for me it's unusable . Workaround before you add multi device would be to logon on the mobile app via touch ID, would be a little better
Antoine October 05, 2017
Just make sure you can use one phone + one web at the same time.
Super annoying to logout on a device to use another.
Antoine September 18, 2017
This is truly awesome, congrats guys.

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