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New onoff Feature: Drunk Mode!

NB! This was an April Fool’s joke!
But seriously, what do think of having a feature like that? Comment below!

Do you ever wish
someone has stopped you from doing some regrettable things?

We’ve all been there. One moment you feel like a totally reasonable human being. Then you have a few drinks and something weird happens. Suddenly, ideas such as calling your ex or texting that girl who asked you not to bother her ever again don't sound as stupid as they did just a few hours ago. Well, if it seems like a good decision at that moment, it’s probably not! And that is why there is a brand new onoff  Feature coming soon! 

Drunk Mode enables you to prevent those “Oh, f***!” moments in the morning. Once you activate this feature, onoff immediately becomes your dedicated decision-maker for a night. No matter what your mind does, the onoff App is there to fix it. How does it work exactly? Let’s take a look!

The feature will be available from the onoff Side Menu just at the bottom of the screen: 

Activating it is just as easy as finding it in the app. Simply set the date and time when you are expecting the party to start and click OK.

It's all done! Starting from now, you have no way of deactivating it. Your phone starts making decisions for you (which will be much needed very soon!).

So let's say you made it to the party, mingled a bit and had a few drinks. Everyone is getting cozy and you're feeling lonely. Time to text that ex of yours! 

But wait.... No way we are letting you sacrifice your dignity like that! Once we detect some questionable behaviour on your side, you get a warning

And one more, just in case you are feeling particularly adventurous: 

According to many studies, this is the time most intoxicated people would reconsider their actions and take back the control. What were you thinking, of course it was a bad idea! It's obviously time to go to bed. We got you! The onoff App automatically requests Uber on your behalf: 

And just like that, your dignity is saved. No regrets in the morning! Well, apart from a splitting headache, we assume. But that's still way better than waking up to find those embarrassing message you sent last night. 

Drunk Mode: no more bad surprises in the morning!

Marta @ onoff

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Seni April 03, 2017
Hah! Nice stunt....onoff! a sense of humor. Please.
Digby April 02, 2017
Wow. I'm pretty sure that this is illegal. Firstly, you're obviously able to see what I type and to whom. If that's not illegal, then it's certainly not cool.

Secondly, you're ordering taxis for me automatically?! What?! Are you going to pay for them too? I hope so.

Thirdly, what if there's a genuine emergency or important text that i need to send or act upon. Just because I 'might' get tipsy between this time and that, doesn't mean I should entirely surrend my communication between those times. How mad is that.

I must have missed the nees that the company changed​ it's name to Big Brother... It's 1984 gone mad!

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