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The New Version is here! Hip-Hip-Hooray!

We promised you a brand new app and then we only went and delivered it! You know we never let you down...

But why should you be getting excited about the latest version of onoff App?  Well, we’ve been uber-busy with this one and there’s quite a lot to look at, that's why! Here’s just a few of the most awesome new things you can expect:

  • A brand new design. Have you seen it?! Gone are the blues and greys of old, as onoff App dumped a rainbow's worth of colour all over the place. It’s way more colorful, more dynamic, more sexy. We’re talking seriously funky facelift, here!

  • Delayed SMS — you can now schedule when you want your messages to arrive! Simply hold down the send button and select when you want the message to arrive on the recipient’s more missed birthdays!

  • Brand new navigation  — everything’s much more slick, intuitive and responsive. Basically, we’ve made it way easier to get around.

  • We’ve squashed a load of bugs, so the app now runs smooooother than ever.

...that’s just to name the biggies!

We’re always tweaking and tinkering and we’ll never stop trying to make the onoff App the very best it can be for you, our awesome users. FACT.

Till next time...


Team onoff

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