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onoff Arrives in Belgium

Over the past couple of months, our users were often asking us whether it is possible to add a Belgian number with onoff. And the answer is finally “yes”!

Last week we were happy to add Belgium to our onoff map and start offering Belgian numbers. This is the 4th country to be on our map after France, the United Kingdom and the USA. And there are many more to come soon, so be sure to follow our updates!

Why get a Belgian number with onoff?

Just like adding any other onoff number, a Belgian number has many benefits. Here are just some of them:

  • Make international calls cheaper. Whether you are calling your clients in Belgium or have friends you want to keep in touch with, having a Belgian number with onoff will make it way cheaper than any other option.
  • Have a separate number just for business. It gives you more flexibility and a chance to separate your private life from work.
  • Protect your privacy. You can use this number for e-commerce, social media or just to register for a free wifi connection at the airport. No one wants to use their private phone number for these things and it’s totally understandable. With onoff you can avoid sacrificing your privacy in order to complete simple online operations.
  • Use cool onoff features such as delayed SMS or onoff Network.

The list goes on and on, but you get the point: having a few extra numbers on onoff makes your life way easier.

How much does it cost?

There are two options when it comes to pricing depending on your home phone operator:

  • You already have a Belgian phone number. If you already have a national phone number and simply want to add another one, the monthly fee is  €3.99.
  • You have an international phone number. If you have a phone operator in another country, you can still add a Belgian phone number. In this case, the monthly fee is €9.99 which includes your personal phone number and unlimited calls and messages within Belgium.
How to get one?

If you are yet to install onoff on your cellphone, go to either the Google Play or the iTunes store and get it for free. Then you can add a number from the country of your choice and start making calls. From now on, your communication will never be the same again!

Marta @ onoff

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