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Find out how our super little app can be your best friend on a night out. Picture this...

It's been the craziest week at work and you're in desperate need of a night out. You decide to head to your favourite bar with all your bezzies, in an attempt to forget all that crazy. The music is good, the drink is flowing and everything seems peachy. But wait, what’s this… you’re suddenly and quite rudely approached by a slightly odd looking chap who’s had way too much to drink — grrr, just when you thought you could relax! He parks himself next to you and, after a few indecipherable groans, somehow strings enough words together to drop you the cheesiest line, followed by asking for your phone number…Ugh! Sound familiar? 

So, what's the problem here exactly?

Well, unless you’re some kind of all-loving hippy-type, you probably don’t want to give out your personal phone number to some random chancer, letting him into your life permanently from day dot. Privacy is so important these days, right? 

Enter onoff! 

One of the awesome things that our app can do is help you add an extra layer of privacy to your communication. To explain, let’s go over what could logically happen next… 

What would normally happen next...

Probably one of two things — and they’re both majorly awkward! 

  • You could say, “No, go away!”. But that’s just rude and it’ll ruin your night — no one wants to be a meanie.
  • Or, you could give the cheeky chappy your personal number, but then you run the risk of this stranger having your one and only, actual, personal phone number. He'll be able to bug you whenever he feels like it…eeeesh!
Both pretty terrible options, right? 

What happens now that you have onoff...

  • You could still say “no”, of course…but we’ve been over this, you’re not a meanie.
  • OR, you could use your onoff App and give the guy your extra onoff Number (not your personal one). That way:

1. You don’t have to surrender your privacy by giving him your personal number.

2. You can customise the onoff Number to screen his calls, turn it off, or even just delete it later. He won’t be a hassle and won’t be able to bother you, unless you let him.

3. You won’t feel bad for saying “NO, get outta my face!”.

4. He’ll be happy as Larry! (Not as important, but still!)

Also, he might actually be a decent guy but he’d just had one too many drinks at the bar that night. If you give him your onoff Number, you have the chance of getting to find out about the real him, without surrendering your real number and your whole life at once. He could be Mr. Right in disguise, after all! 

Common Sense

Put simply, onoff isn’t just a neat idea for your next night out; it’s an essential piece of kit for every night out, every night in and every day/night in between! It’s just common sense! 

Have you used onoff on a night out recently? Did it save your bacon? Let us know, we’d love to hear your stories! 

Until next time. 

Alexander @ onoff 

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