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Find out how to get a number for FREE, simply by sharing...

If you didn’t already know, it’s totally possible to get an onoff Number (a real mobile phone number) on your existing smartphone, 100% for FREE, for 3 whole months—by sharing it with 30 of your friends. Interested?

The process goes a like this:

1. Download the onoff App (for FREE)

2. Sign-up

3. Automatically get a Demo onoff Number for free (find out more about that here)

3.1 Have a play with it. Try it out. Give it a shot...Demo it!

4. At the end of your demo period (or at any time throughout!) all you need to do is click the ‘Activate number’ button at the bottom of onoff App’s sidebar-menu. Hint—it looks like this:

To purchase the number via sharing, you’ll need to select 30 of your contacts from your phonebook.

N.B. — you can only select:

a) Real mobile phone numbers;

b) Non-onoff App numbers;

c) Each number once.

Once you’ve ticked all of those boxes, you'll head to the screen below, which explains exactly what we'll be sending to the 30 contacts you selected:

As you can see, we’ve made it so that you’ll get your number immediately, but we won’t send the message until later. We don’t want to be waking everyone up in the middle of the night now, do we?!

That’s it! You should then have your number for 3 whole months, absolutely FREE! Which is epic!

If you need any more information about anything onoff App, check out our equally-epic FAQ.

If you can’t find the answer there, get in touch with our more-than-epic support team, they’ll sort you out!

Speak soon!

Alexander @ onoff 

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