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With Valentine's day almost upon us, the team thought we'd share some of our go to places for romance and how onoff can help you plan for it.

So, you’ve suffered a monastic January, the post-Christmas blues have kicked well and truly in and February doesn’t look too bright either, but hey… you’ve got Valentine’s day ahead of you and you’ve planned or are planning that treat or city break for you and that special person in your life, who knows… maybe to pop the question, re-take your vows or just show them you care.

Well here at onoff, we’re not all about business. We understand that there are more important things in life than coding and creating all the “cool stuff" you have come to expect of us. With this in mind, we thought we’d give you some last minute tips as to things to do or places to go, to not only spend time with that special someone but also how onoff can be the perfect partner for you and your smartphone.

Remember, with onoff you can have local numbers from many countries, so whether you’re planning that romantic walk feeding the birds and holding hands in Central Park, cuddled together sipping champagne under the Eiffel Tower or riding Cupid’s Capsule on the banks of the Thames you can have a local number so as your always connected and can have a “real number” from France, the UK or the USA (more to come).

onoff has loads of cool features to let that special someone know you’re thinking of them, such as our unique “Delayed SMS” feature which allows you to schedule a text to be sent on a specific date, so if you can’t be with that person you can still let them know you’re thinking about them. Another awesome feature is “Stealth Mode” which allows you to hide your number and content from prying eyes, so if you’re planning that special surprise or getaway and are worried about being rumbled, we’ve got you covered, you can keep it a secret with onoff!

Below are our top choices as suggested by members of the team, to share that special moment in either the UK, France or the USA…


Although not commonly known for being such, London City has recently been voted one of the most romantic cities in Europe, here are our top 3 locations…

135 meters high - “Cupid’s Capsule” – How about having your very own London Eye capsule, complete with truffles & champagne. The ride takes 30 minutes and although it’s not cheap, you can’t put a price on romance with a view!

Primrose Hill Park- The park has breathtaking views of London’s skyline, but be warned it’s also popular with tourists, so you may find it tricky to get some alone time to enjoy the moment. The best time to go is either sunrise or sunset.

Thames River Tour-  Simply rock up to one of the many berths scattered along both sides of the Thames. Many of the operators run a hop-on-hop-off service and prices are very reasonable. It’s a great way to see London and its sights whilst spending time with that special someone.


France is renowned for romance, here are a few of the team’s suggestions.

Pyla’s Dune – Located in La Teste-de-Buch on the western coast, this is Europe’s tallest sand dune. With its panoramic views, on a clear day, you can’t fail to feel romantic. We advise, bringing a picnic and sit and watch the sunset in each other’s arms.

Lady & The Tramp – Paris. Ever wanted to re-create that spaghetti scene in a cobblestone alleyway from the Lady and The Tramp movie? Paris is awash with streets like this, but one that comes highly recommended is just off Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, but be sure not to miss the hidden alleyway at number 159. There is a quaint Italian restaurant there called Capucine.

Tango on the Seine – If the weather is good, tango enthusiasts and newbies alike meet on the banks of the Seine in various mini amphitheaters and dance the night away, no matter the time of year. If dancing isn’t your thing don’t worry, just crack open a bottle of wine on the sidelines and just sit and watch the mesmerizing dancers.


Where better to spend a few days with the love of your life than in the big Apple? New York is awash with loads of beautiful locations to take your loved one for that short break.

Central Park-  is probably the most famous park in the world and has many activities such as horse & carriage rides, sitting by the pond or why not pay a visit to the Central Park Zoo. The park has 58 miles of walking paths so if you just want to explore (or get lost) why not take your partner's hand and go for a stroll through this vast park and escape it all in each other’s company.

Empire State Building – What romantic trip to New York would be complete without a trip to the ESB? Being one of America’s most important landmarks and one of the most iconic buildings on the NY skyline, the view from the top could make anyone fall in love. Many take (or renew) their vows here atop the “Cathedral of the Skies”.

Sunset boat trip to The Statue of Liberty – What could be more enticing than being out on the water in NYC, sipping a cocktail, with a gentle breeze in the air surrounded by skyscrapers but leaving all the hustle behind as you make your way towards Lady Liberty whilst watching the sunset overhead? This must be one of the most romantic dates NY has to offer.


We hope we have given you some inspiration to show “that special person”, you love them, just like we love you “our users”.


Remember to keep spreading the love!

Johnny @ onoff

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