The big day is finally here! All posts

The big day is finally here!

We’ve got some news...

Guess what?! We’ve exited our beta! 

...That’s both exciting and a little bit sad at the same time…  Exciting that we’re well on our way, unleashing the full power of onoff! But a little sad, because we’re suspending the free onoff Number. This will apply to those of you who already have a free onoff Number subscription (Demo onoff Numbers not included).

Your number will remain free until Tuesday 31st of May. After this date, it will expire, unless you subscribe to it. Once your number has expired, you’ll still be able to receive calls and messages on it, but you’ll not be able to send outbound communications (calls/messages).

To subscribe to your number, click on the "Renew" button at the bottom of the onoff App’s Sidebar menu and follow the instructions.

A Thank You From Us

As a thank you from us for being with us since day one and to celebrate, we promise to double the length of whichever subscription package you choose, i.e.:

  • Purchase a one month subscription — we’ll give you another month for free.

  • Subscribe to a number for 6 months — you'll get the rest of the year, free of charge.

  • ...etc.

Remember, you’ll need to subscribe to a package within the next week to get this one-time offer.

Thank you so much for your continued support, you're going to help us make your onoff App even more awesome...even more quickly! You hero, you.

Much love & thanks!

Alexander @ onoff 

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