After months of hard work and development from our teams, we are proud to announce, that we are finally able to provide you with USA numbers! We've opened a new office in New York and guarantee to provide you "our American friends" with the best possible service.

Guys, the wait is finally over… Cue the marching band! onoff App has crossed the pond and touched down Stateside. We can now bring you USA numbers. Yup, that's right you can now buy a USA number from anywhere in the world. 

Yup, we continue to shake up the way you think about cell phones and communication by bringing our revolution to the United States! Dear friends, no longer will you be tied to having just one number on your cell phone, with onoff you can have as many numbers as you need, right out of the box & on your existing device. Just download the app, create an account and add a number, it’s that simple. onoff App is a one stop solution for multiple numbers on your cell phone. What’s more, you can have international numbers too! Pretty neat, right? 
So say you need a dedicated line for business, or a disposable number for selling your stuff on the internet so as you’re not always giving out your personal number, we’ve got you covered! What makes us different from the rest, is that calls are routed through CDMA or GSM, in crystal clear quality and come out of the minutes on your existing plan, with no hidden charges.

What is the advantage of having an onoff Number?

With an onoff Number, you can turn all the features of your number either "on" or "off" (see what we did there). With onoff App, you can turn the calls off, while leaving your SMS active, or turn your SMS & voicemail off and just leave your calls on. Off course you can still use an onoff Number in the traditional way and have the lot turned on, the choice is yours, you're the boss!

Apart from all the cool stuff mentioned above, with onoff App, you can sign in from any device, anywhere in the world and still have all your contacts and content right in front of you because it’s all stored way up there, in the cloud. The days of losing your contacts by damaging or losing your phone are gone. The app is packed with awesome features like “Delayed SMS”, where you can tell the app to send a text for you at a future date, customizable voicemail for each line and much, much more!!

I’m in, so how do I get it?

How do you get it? Simply make a bee-line for either the Google Play or the iTunes store and search for onoff App. It’s free to download and you can get it in a flash. Give us a try… It will change the way you communicate forever (we promise!).

Johnny @ onoff

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