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What’s a Delayed Message?

Great Scott! onoff App’s ‘Back to the Future’-style Delayed Messaging Explained.

As you well know by now, a major part of our universe-altering mission here at onoff is to bring tons of exciting new features to your communication experience — all in an attempt to show you how totally awesome the onoff App is and to give you confidence in the awesomeness that is to come in future.

We have many ideas in the pipeline, but one that’s already live and kicking is something that we call “Delayed Messaging”. We hope this little article will help you understand this cool concept a little better…


We all know what these are, of course, but in case you dropped off the planet for about 25 years, here’s a mini-recap:

The neatly named SMS (Short Message Service), is a text messaging service for phones, Web or mobile communications systems. The first one was sent on December 3rd 1992 by a Canadian engineer who tapped out "Merry Christmas". They got pretty popular after that, too...

2014 UK SMS Statistics
  • 90% of people worldwide text at least once per day
  • Over 350 billion text messages are sent each month globally
  • The average person in the UK sends 170 text messages per month
  • 86% of people in the UK use text messaging on a weekly basis

All good...but what are Delayed Messages?

So, 350 billion messages are sent every month...but not a single one of them is as epic as a Delayed Message. FACT!

In true BTTF fashion we’ve invented an SMS that can be received in the future (or sent from the past, whatever floats your boat!). Basically, it’s a normal text message but you can set the date and time of its arrival with your recipient. How cool is that?!

Why would you want to use it?

No, no, no...the real question is: why wouldn’t you want to use it?! How epic is the idea of sending a message to the future?!

One immediate use for this feature is that you’ll never again forget to send a birthday text to your mates. Yes, it’s hard to remember everything and life gets on top sometimes, but with delayed messages you can type your “Happy Birthday” anytime and it’ll always get where it needs to be on-time! The same applies for anniversaries, of course! But how you use it is really up to you. Go forth and delay-text! (...Then tell us how you use it!)

How can I do it?

Oh, it’s super-easy. Simply type your text message out (like a normal text), but instead of tapping send, hold down the send button. Select a pre-defined time, or set a custom date/time — it’s up to you. Once you’ve done that, sit back and relax, we’ll take it from there.



Delayed Messaging is just a taster of what’s to come. We have so many new and innovative ideas to bring to your communication experience, you wouldn’t even believe! Be very excited onoff-er, the future is so bright you gotta wear shades!

‘til next time!

Alexander @ onoff 


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