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What’s a Demo onoff Number?

What's the point? What can it do? Why should you be super-interested!

You probably don’t need me to explain what a demo is, but here goes anyway… Demo is short for ‘demonstration’ and in our case, it’s our way of allowing you to have a good go at using the onoff App without having to spend a penny to do so. We’re pretty confident that you’re going to love it!

What Can It Do?

Basically it’s a free onoff Number, with slightly reduced functionality — you cannot make or send outgoing cellular calls or SMS’s, or use the Delayed Message option, but you can do all of this:

  • Receive cellular calls and SMS;
  • Use the ON/OFF features
  • Use Stealth Mode to hide your number
  • Set up a custom voicemail

What is ‘Activation’?

Throughout the demo period you’ll have the chance to ‘activate’ and subscribe to that number, unlocking all of its awesome features. You can activate your number in two different ways:

1. Paying for it — you can subscribe to that number for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, for a monthly fee;

2. Sharing it — you can share it with your friends (who don’t yet have the onoff App) and get that number FREE for 3 whole months, without spending a penny. Good or what?!

What does ‘Quarantine’ mean?

If you choose not to ‘activate’ your number within this demo day period then it will be moved to ‘Quarantine’. 

*** Please note! When a number is moved to quarantine it will lose all categories, call & messages, contacts and all other data associated with it. So activate, to avoid disappointment! ***

After the quarantine e have passed, the Demo onoff Number that you had will be recirculated and put back into the pool of numbers that other users can be given when they sign up to onoff App. You have been warned!

We hope that tells you all you need to know about Demo onoff Numbers. If you’ve still got questions, hit up our customer support team — support@onoffapp.com — they’ll sort you out.


Alexander @ onoff 

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